Lolo Oyong
Lolo Oyong (2nd from left) with his grand children
Lola Itang
Lola Itang and Lolo Oyong

I used to think that my Lolo Oyong never gave us a good time... he was stoic, a very strict disciplinarian and usually cold, unsmiling. I was never fond of him and by the way he looks at me, neither was he. But when I became a lawyer and a public servant, I realized it was all a mask he was wearing. To be a good, respectable leader, whether of a community or a family, one must be so. I believed, that was his perception of true leadership.

Who is Lolo Oyong? Lolo Oyong is the father of my loving mother Celerina Quicho Austria and beloved husband of my Lola Itang. His full name is Gregorio Del Rosario Quicho. He once served as governor in the province of Bataan for two (2) terms.

After his political term, he sojourned and migrated to Puerto Princesa City to become the first provincial sheriff of Palawan in its very first Court of First Instance. He was an astute businessman, engaged in trading, fishing and lumber. He led the migration of Bataan fisher folk to Puerto Princesa which created two barangays .He involved himself in local politics not as a candidate but a kingmaker (mentor of the late Gov.Salvador P.Socrates). Lolo Oyong is the father of eight children namely Celerina, Potenciana, Rosa, Felicisima, Pepe, Sergio, Marcelo and Natividad. Together with his beloved wife Margarita B. Quicho otherwise known as "Lola Itang" (of the Lola Itang Pension in Puerto Princesa City), they reared their eight children to become hardworking, responsible citizens and professionals. He was a very good provider and an advocate of education. He was thrifty and frugal, a quality taken after his Chinese ancestry.

Thru this establishment, we pay tribute to my Lolo Oyong, for all the good deeds and the advocacy of fatherhood that others may emulate. Even if we had less time to bond when he was walking the halls of this earth, this tourist inn is a standing testament of how proud I am of my heritage most especially, the value of family ties that he inculcated in my being. I would like to imagine my Lolo Oyong standing proudly now, but with a big smile on his face.

Rocky Quicho Austria , El Nido, Palawan. July 31,2011